Photo Book

You can buy signed copies and copies of the limited special edition from me. Signed copies cost 29,95 € plus packaging and postage.

The limited special edition of 35 numbered and signed copies comes with an original 20 cm x 8.2 cm handmade barite print of your choice and costs 200 € plus packaging and postage.

28 copies are still available.

You can select the image you want in the photographs section. Please state the picture number when placing your order. The following images are not included in the book: 2,4,5,13,14,23,24,27,29,34,36,40,52,60,63,68,69,74,


Frank Silberbach Berlin Fotografie


Verkauf von Fotografien von Frank Silberbach
© Frank Silberbach

Choose the photographs you would like to purchase in the sections Photographs or Publications/Berlin Views. I will provide museum standard gelatin silver prints on baryta paper in the format of 20 x 48.4 cm, titled and signed in pencil on the reverse.

The Berlin Views were adapted to the layout of the newspaper page and cropped at the top and at the bottom. The photographic print you purchase will be in the original format.

You can either buy a photograph for 400 €, a mounted photograph (passé-partout) for 435 € or a mounted and framed photograph for 500 €. Passé-partouts and frames come in the format of 40 x 70cm. The price for framed photographs applies to “Halbe Alu 8” frames with regular soda-lime glass. All prices include 19% VAT.

The hand-printed photographs are not limited.

Frank Silberbach Berlin Fotografie


Verleih der Ausstellung Berlin 140° - Frank Silberbach Fotograf
© Frank Silberbach

You can loan Berlin 140° as an exhibition. A maximum of 75 “Halbe Alu 8” frames sized 40 x 70 cm can be provided, stored in 15 transport crates, containing five frames per crate.

For viewing the exhibition venue, for compiling an exhibition concept and for the selection and packaging of the images I charge a basic fee of 5.000 €. The loan fee per image amounts to 1 € per day. Both the basic and the loan fee include 19% VAT.

Transportation, insurance and travel costs will be covered by you, as well as costs for movable display walls, hanging systems and lighting where applicable. 

Frank Silberbach Berlin Fotografie


Vortrag von Frank Silberbach Straßenfotografien seit 2004
© Barbara Esch Marowski

In addition to the exhibition I offer my talk on street photography with the Widelux camera. I explain why I decided to work with this particular camera and how I work with it. Using images by Heinrich Zille, Friedrich Seidenstücker, Bernd Heyden and other exponents of street photography in Berlin, I give insights into this unique format, also illustrating the context of my work. The talk lasts one hour. I charge a fee of 300 €, including 19% VAT.

* held in German

Frank Silberbach Berlin Fotografie


Verkauf von Fotografien von Frank Silberbach
© Frank Silberbach/Uwe Arens

BERLIN 140° zum Sehen & Hören (BERLIN 140° to Watch & Listen) is an adaptation of silent film with piano accompaniment that you can book as a package. I project my images and Christoph Schlemmer accompanies the visual projection on the drums with pieces composed especially for the event. The performance lasts one hour, and we charge a fee of 600 € including 19% VAT for it.

Frank Silberbach Berlin Fotografie