Frank Silberbach

Frank Silberbach Fotograf
© Ina Schröder
1958 born in Zeitz
1977 A-Levels (German Abitur)
1977-78 two semesters of dentistry at the Medical University of Sofia
1978-81 trained as photo reporter with the magazine Freie Welt at the Berliner Verlag publishing house
1984 leaves East Germany for West-Berlin
seit 1984 freelance photographer for magazines, customer magazines and book publishing houses, his own projects alongside
1985 first acquisitions by the Berlinische Galerie, a museum for modern art, architecture and photography
seit 1989 extensive travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and America
1991 scholarship by the Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs Berlin
1992 participated in the fellowship exhibition Jahreslabor Ein Bericht at the Martin Gropius Bau in Berlin (catalogue p.17)
1993-95 participated in the Projekt Bilddokumentation (Project Picture Documentation) by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Bildquellenforschung und Zeitgeschichte (working group for image source research and contemporary history); contributed to the touring exhibitions and illustrated books Fotografie und Gedächtnis (Photography and Memory) (published by be.bra.Verlag, Berlin), containing the works Deutschlands älteste Brikettfabrik (Germany's oldest briquette factory), Der Brühl in Zeitz and Tribsees
1994 Augenschein in Klagenfurt, photo essay in Ingeborg Bachmann, Das Lächeln der Sphinx (Smile of the Sphinx), du issue 9/94 p.29-33
1994 1st scholarship of the Stiftung Kulturfonds (Culture Fund Foundation) for the realisation of the project In Mengwang/China
1995 2nd scholarship of the Stiftung Kulturfonds (Culture Fund Foundation) for the realisation of the project In Mengwang/China
1995 Mit den Augen wandern (Walking with the eyes) Portfolio with a text by Denis Brudna in Photonews, issue 4/95, p.5-7
1996 Founding member of the photographic gallery zff-Zentrum in Berlin, the first to show works by Luis Faurer, Michael Ackermann, Sylvia Plachy and Pierre Gassman in Germany during its one year of exhibition activity
1997 In Mengwang/China, solo exhibition, as a part of the 4. Internationale Fototage in Herten (4th International Days of Photography in Herten) (catalogue p.44-47 and a portfolio in Phototechnik International, issue 5/97, p.80-87 with a text by Hans Eberhard Hess, as well as the article Am Ende aller Wege by Andreas Krase in the Berliner Zeitung of 25 February 1998)
1998 participated in the touring exhibition Bilder vom Menschen (Images of People) of the GAFF photographic gallery in Rotenburg
2000 Odyssee, solo exhibition at the Kunstverein Preetz (Preetz Art Society)
2004-08 Berliner Blicke (Berlin Views), photo column in the magazine supplement of the Berliner Zeitung newspaper
2008 Wohin die Reise geht, Fotografien 1989-2005 (Where the journey may lead, Photographs 1989-2005), solo exhibition at the Galerie Carlshorst, Berlin
  Simultan (Simultaneous), solo exhibition at AusstellungsOrt Burjuar (Burjuar exhibition venue), Berlin
  Wieso Berlin? (Why Berlin?), solo exhibition at the Monochrom Galerie, Berlin (accompanying portfolio in Photonews issue 7-8/08, p.14-15 with a text by Dr. Enno Kaufhold, as well as the article Der Straßenfotograf (The Street Photographer) by Ingeborg Ruthe in the Berliner Zeitung of 18/06/08 p.26)
2009 Berliner Blicke (Berlin Views), photo essay in Berliner Zukünfte, a publication by Kulturprojekte GmbH, Berlin
2010 Appointment to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fotografie (German Society of Photography)/td>
  Project funding by VG Bild Kunst for the exhibition and publication Berlin 140°
  Von Menschen und Tieren (Of Humans and Animals), solo exhibition at the Lazarus Hospice in Berlin
  participated in the exhibition Einhundert Bilder Einhundert Künstler (One Hundred Images One Hundred Artists), at the Galerie Carlshorst in Berlin, and in Fragen an das Ich (Self-Questions), the special exhibition presented by akg-images during the Photokina in Cologne
  Berlin 120°, solo exhibition as part of the 4th European Month of Photography at unterwegs Antiquariat und Galerie (gallery and antiquarian bookstore), Berlin (catalogue p. 80)
2011 In Mengwang/China, solo exhibition at Lazarus Hospice Berlin
  Finissage – Vernissage, photographic and video work on the demolition of the cultural centre of Karlshorst, commissioned by the Kunstamt (Arts Office) of Berlin- Lichtenberg for the opening of the new cultural centre in 2012
  Frank Silberbach Berliner Panoramafotografien 2004 – 2011 (Panoramic Photographs of Berlin 2004-2011), solo exhibition at the galerie ratskeller, gallery of contemporary art, Berlin (accompanied by a portfolio in Brennpunkt 3/2011, p.48-59)
  winner of the Schöneberger Fotopreis (Schöneberg prize for photography), a scholarship awarded by the Kunstamt (Arts Office) of Schöneberg
2012 Teaching assignment at Magdeburg - Stendal University of Applied Sciences, photo journalism course
  Funding by the Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg (culture fund of Lichtenberg district) for the project Lichtenberger Leben, Straßenfotografien mit der Schwinglinsenkamera (Lichtenberg Life, street photographs taken with the swing lens camera)
  Panoramic photographs of Berlin © Frank Silberbach, solo exhibition at the gallery in Tempelhof town hall, Berlin
  Panoramic photographs of  Mengwang/China © Frank Silberbach, solo exhibition at the gallery in Tempelhof Museum, Berlin
  Geschichten aus dem Neuen Berlin (Stories from the New Berlin), solo exhibition at Fenster 61, Berlin
  PIMP the TIMP Volume II, 21.Internationale Photoszene Köln 2012 (21st International Photo Scene Cologne 2012), Hotel TIMP, Cologne, participated in the exhibition with panoramic photographs of Mengwang/China
2013 Premiere of BERLIN 140° zum Sehen & Hören (BERLIN 140° to Watch & Listen), a visual projection accompanied by drums (composition and drums: Christoph Schlemmer)
  BERLIN 140°, photo book, annotated by Thomas Brussig, Edition Braus Berlin
  Kolga Tbilisi Photo 2013, China Stories, Zurad Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art, participated in the exhibition with panoramic photographs of Mengwang/China
2014 Kurt am Wittenbergplatz, a time travel through Schöneberg in photographs and films, Haus am Kleispark, Berlin, participated in the exhibition with panoramic photographs of BERLIN 140°